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South African Liberated Public Sector Workers Union

A union for public workers


The formation of a progressive, non-aligned union for public service workers was conceptualized by the workers who decided to distance themselves, their membership from public sector unions who were alliance with political parties in government. These worker leaders were propelled by the need to have a clear identity as workers and by the clarity provided for by the historical mission of a trade union. The need to better the working conditions of public service workers to provide job security and a living wage without the effects of political interference and pollution.


The union aims at defending the rights of workers without compromise whilst ensuring that there is definite equity and redress within the working place where workers are appreciated on merit and skill acquired. The union will fight all forms of discrimination and imbalances. The union will ensure accelerated transformation within the workplace whilst without compromise. Also ensuring that there is provisioning of adequate resources to ensure efficient, prompt and effective service delive

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